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Palio di Asti

Terza Domenica di Settembre

  FIGS, Federazione Italiana, Giochi Storici



Comune di Asti
Ufficio Palio, Turismo, Manifestazioni
Piazza S. Secondo, 1
14100 Asti
Tel. 0141 399482 - 399486
Fax 0141 399483



  FIGS, Federazione Italiana, Giochi Storici

The Palio of this town is a very hard race where horses are mounted without the saddle, and it dates back to 1275, when Asti, a powerful and indipendent Commune, was universally renowned for its enterprising merchants and its experienced bankers.
Twenty-one steeds each representing a district or a commune, one thousand and two hundred people dressed in Medieval clothes and many inhabitants of the surrounding districts take part in the representation every third Sunday of September, involving the public in the recalling of an ancient and impressive atmosphere.




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