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Associazione Culturale IL MASTROGIURATO
Corso Bandiera, 10

66034 Lanciano (Ch)

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Lanciano, The Fairs, The Mastrogiurato
Lanciano is a busy town in Abruzzo and even since Roman times has always known how to valorise the central position it enjoys in the Frentana area, evolving into an essential point of reference for an extensive territory.
Subsequently, in the great mosaic that Italy became during the Middle Ages, it acquired a leading role in the ambit of commerce and put itself forward as a privileged location for the twice yearly fairs (May and September) attended by merchants who came from all over continental Europe and many Mediterranean nations
 In the past, however, the roads leading to the town were few and hazardous, transport for goods was slow and, unfortunately, subject to brigand raids. The solution was to set up armed surveillance along the main roads that went from the port of San Vito to Lanciano, to assure a safe journey for those heading for the town.
Lanciano needed to unify the powers of justice and those of operation by electing a single representative who could manage this authority firmly and competently during the fairs: the “Mastrogiurato”. For the entire period of the fair this figure of authority and his troops were the only people who could carry weapons and had the power of immediate arrest over anyone who disturbed guests.
The lavish appointment ceremony went as follows: the elected Mastrogiurato, dressed as befitted a figure of his rank, and accompanied by an armed escort, entered Palazzo del Comune [town hall] where he would be greeted by the town’s representatives, the Royal Governor and the Captain of the garrison. After swearing allegiance, the Mastrogiurato would receive the town standard and the insignia of the powers conferred. The Royal standards and those of Lanciano were then carried to the Prato della Fiera [fairground], where they were hoisted, and after the reading of the “Bando”, the regulations governing the fair, the Mastrogiurato would declare it officially open.

The Historic Mastrogiurato Pageant
Since 1981, our Association has promoted the historic pageant that re-enacts the Mastrogiurato event, which is solidly rooted in the heart of the people of Lanciano and of all the countless participants who flock to the ceremony and its accompanying events.

The event falls into a week of cultural initiatives and performances that take place between the last Sunday in August and the first Sunday in September, including: two medieval suppers inspired by the Panarda (slow food), markets, taverns, ancient music concerts, theatre, street theatre, jugglers, fighters, dancers, flag throwers and, to close, the impressive historic cortège on the first Sunday in September. That is the day that inaugurates the civil celebrations for the Settembre lancianese [September in Lanciano] with the solemn investiture of the Mastrogiurato with a procession comprising 600 or so figures in period costume, wending its way through the four quarters of the old centre.
The historic Mastrogiurato Pageant has obtained a number of prestigious awards, as well as being recognised as an “event of regional interest by the Region of Abruzzo”, and has taken part in four RAI Italian national television programmes, of which three were also transmitted by RAI International. It was particularly satisfying, despite the hard work involved, to be able to accept invitations to take part in Italian events (Rome, Milan, Modena) and also abroad: Stuttgart, New York for the Columbus Day parade and Visegràd in Hungary.



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