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Corteo Matildico

Ultimo Fine Settimana di Maggio

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Comitato Matildico
Via Prampolini, 49
Quattro Castella (RE)

Tel. 3355462527



  FIGS, Federazione Italiana, Giochi Storici

The historical parade of Quattro Castella was designed and implemented for the first time in 1955. It commemorate the famous meeting that took place at the castle of Bianello between the Emperor Henry V and Matilde di Canossa in May 1111.
The episode was described by Monaco Donizone, chronicler and coeval historian of the Countess, in the “Vita Mathildis” written between 1111 and 1115 in the Monastery of San Apollonio in Canossa.
Henry V returning from Rome, where he was crowned, stops for three days a Bianello. Before leaving for Germany, he proclaims Matilde "Imperial Vicar in Italy".
On the last Sunday of May more than a thousand actors in historical costume, descend from Bianello castle and reach the field of ludi, where, after the evocative ceremony of "Reinfeudazione", begins spectacular games in honor of the Emperor (“Quintana dell’anello” and bridge fight). At the end of the day the sumptuous procession parades along the streets of the village.
Further the historical parade, the "Comitato Matildico" organizes in collaboration with the Municipality, all the initiatives of Friday and Saturday. These involve the center of the village (with street shows), the Bianello meadows (with a large medieval filed) and the churchyard of the Church of San Antonino (draw of the bridge, medieval concert).



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