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  FIGS, Federazione Italiana, Giochi Storici


Associazione Stella del Mare
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00048 Nettuno (RM)

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  FIGS, Federazione Italiana, Giochi Storici

Jubilee year 1550, marks the beginning of a long relationship of love and devotion between the habitants of Nettuno and our Lady Of Grace.
The 'Infamous Heresy' under King Henry VIII causes the English to destroy all sacred images. Three wooden statues are stored on a ship headed for the cost of Naples to be probably re-sold. Howe ver the operation was not successful due to heavy sea storms which forced the ship to make landfall on the Nettuno coast line. The story is told that the English made three attempts to resume their journey to Naples, but each time they were forced back to shore due to unusual heavy sea storms. The English were forced to leave the statues behind. "he habitants of Nettuno placed the statues in a vault located in the church of Dell'Immacolata."{manuscript of 1718}.
Since the beginning of 1649 a cult begins to develop around our Lady Of Nettuno. This religious culture that develops for century to come becomes a fruitful sap in the root of this generous land. The culture becomes an integral part of their daily life. It's a feeling that comes from the bottom of the heart and reunites the people with a common sentiment.
The cultural association 'La Stella Del Mare' recognizes the cultural need emerging from it's territory and as part of their mission has organized a commemoration of this historical event since 2010. This historical representation of the statues is repeated every year in Nettuno during the last weekend of April. The streets of Nettuno are filled with craftsmen that reproduce ancient recipes that are often forgotten. The aroma of these savory dishes fill the air along with the sound of drummers and joyful musical melodies.
Colorful costumes are worn by the people dressed up as knights, ladies and common people who join the procession parade, along with dancers, flag wavers and actors that recite verses from Renaissance life. The procession parade along the promenade of the city until it reaches the beach in front of the Sanctuary of Our Lady Of Grace.
The sea is seething with boats and sounds that announce the landing. A boat comes to shore and the statue is delivered in the hands of the Nettunesi. Great moments of mysticism follow along with songs and prayers. Once again the people renown the affection and devotion that define the long love relationship with our Lady Of Grace.



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